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vorpal_adverb [userpic]

LiveJournal not affected by Heartbleed

April 18th, 2014 (08:17 pm)

Originally posted by theljstaff at LiveJournal not affected by Heartbleed

Dear users,

As you might have heard, a major vulnerability in SSL (the secure channel used for HTTPS) has been detected recently. As many as two thirds of internet sites were affected, including social networks and major web sites.

We are happy to confirm that LiveJournal is not vulnerable and has not been affected at all.

Meanwhile, in the past 12 months we have been working hard to deploy many security features to protect user data.

Nevertheless, even though LiveJournal was not affected by the Heartbleed bug, changing your password is still a good idea, especially if you use similar passwords on other sites whose data may have been compromised. If you haven't changed your password in the last year, we recommend that you do so now.

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Fuk Dat Destiny Shniz

April 2nd, 2014 (05:49 pm)


vorpal_adverb [userpic]

I'd Like to Post Two of My Favorite Shorts Now

February 3rd, 2014 (11:45 pm)

They're both great little stories. RIP John Weldon, you were the greatest (he's not really dead).

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Classic Games Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics for Free until Saturday!

December 12th, 2013 (07:16 pm)
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One of my favorite gaming website, gog.com, is offering free downloads of the early Fallout video games. Isometric adventures never get old, especially when you're running around a nuclear wasteland with vintage American 1950 future-tech. Witness Dogmeat, one of the best NPC partner you can ask for, play as a complete retard, and kill children (please don't do that, children are precious).

Offer ends Saturday, December 14, at 1:59PM GMT. Them GoG people are all right. 

Of course, if you're reading this after its expiration, I'll be happy to send you guys a copy of each game. We'll figure something out.

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Writing (Family Update Eventually)

September 11th, 2013 (11:44 pm)

Aaaah! Writing! Gaaah. Rrraaaaaaah! Grrrrrrrrrrr. ERRrrrrrrrr!rrr. rrrr. rr. r.  Grumble. Pout.

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

High Concept of Flash (The Red Badger of Courage)

August 13th, 2013 (12:00 am)

The Red Badger of Courage (Working Title)

Genre: Adventure Game/Visual Novel

Theme: Fantasy

High Concept

The Red Badger of Courage is a choose-your-own ending text visual novel game.

In this fantasy adventure, players take control of a rugged badger adventurer as he takes on one final quest before retirement. With simple mouse inputs, players interact with the world and its furry inhabitants to progress the text and story. Some inputs only serve to launch optional skits to learn more about the world, characters, and situation. But some inputs decide the course of the adventure and have lasting effects. Multiple endings are possible.

CONCEPT ART (more to come):
Potential Main Character Concept. aw yeah

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

I Blame All the Old Newground Games with Dicks in Them

I have a dream, and it begins with video and GMAES.

The explosion of independent video game development has left me irresponsibly excited. Now is the best time to try my hands at making a game (or the worst time, depending on who you ask). I can't help it, like a monkey who can't help code repetitive loops fix runtime errors. One of my best memories came from packaging the final version my RPG Maker "demo" of The Legend of Bloodblade. Figuring out how to make one-time special events and "cut-scenes" using switches, carefully crafting the stats of the characters and monsters, finding out how the paralyze spell made my specially tweaked encounters effortless; great feelings.

This time, I wish to follow and complete a full interactive experience. Trials are ahead. The first and ongoing step is to keep the scale to a small and manageable scope. Visual novels are deceptively simple, but even one of the most praised stories took years to complete. Using a program designed to make visual novels would make things easier, but the point of my project is to get dirty with how computer language logic works. That's why I'll be using Flash Professional to build things from the ground up, with its own in-house language, ActionScript 3.0. Wow, I'm getting dizzy just staring at that name.

Starting today, I will take my first steps to experience how to make a visual novel interface in Flash. Every new journal entry will mostly concentrate on ideas and what progress I've made so far, as well as writing to get to explain to myself on why I'm spending time on this in the first place. Classes begin early September. I've heard stories of programmers making games in 48 hours. While I lack experience, I know I do this. I will do this! I'm angry!

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Sloppy Note to Start New Lease on Game Making Dream

Arrrrgh, was is it so hard for me to write!

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Writing Reference Body Language

February 17th, 2013 (10:28 am)


Just keeping it here for now.

vorpal_adverb [userpic]

Heavy Metal in South Africa

February 9th, 2013 (10:54 pm)


"Edith, Hellrider, and Dadmonster pose for a photograph. In Botswana, heavy metal music has landed. Metal groups are
now performing in nightclubs, concerts, festivals. The ranks of their fans have expanded dramatically. These fans wear black leather pants and jackets, studded belts, boots and cowboy hats. On their t-shirts stand out skulls, obscenities, historical covers of hard-rock groups popular in the seventies and eighties, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, and AC/DC. They have created their own style, inspired by classic metal
symbolism, but also borrowing heavily from the iconography of western films and the traditional rural world of Botswana. Their nicknames,
Gunsmoke, Rockfather, Carrott Warmachine, Hellrider, Hardcore, Dignified Queen, may appear subversive and disturbing as their clothing, but they are peaceful and gentle. "We like to get dressed,, drink meet friends and feel free , this music is so powerful . We are lucky to live in a country tolerant and open" argues one of the leaders. A precious rarity for Africa."

(© Daniele Tamagni, Italy, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards)

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